Our Vision

Our Product Guru SSR Noni is very good. Company aims at changing the mind set of people and remold the ways they look at marketing and distribution companies due to their past sour experiences of multi level marketing, but we wish to mention here that our company is not a multi level marketing or network marketing company, rather it is a marketing and distribution company. We constantly strive for creating an environment that is conducive in providing the highest levels of customer awareness and satisfaction. In future we would have Health club / Gym, Gaming zone, Computer library, Ready-made garments and much more to come.

Guru SSR India Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Call Us: +91 95958 81236

OFF-20/22 2nd Floor,Sai Plaza,
Sai Chowk,Pimpri,
Pune - 411017, Maharashtra - India
Contact : (020) 2741 5700 - (020) 2741 5800

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