Our mission

According to one estimate, out of total Rs.1,90,000 crore annual retail market, direct selling constitutes of about Rs 2,000 crore, and is growing at a rate of over 25 per cent annually. Our mission is to capture this exponentially growing Indian market and give our consumers a chance to earn lakhs, simply by recruiting more distributors. Our marketing and distribution system provides a distributor a true self development opportunity to enable him to contribute positively towards the society. We share our profit margins with our consumers who are also the distributors and aims to make their lives happy and rich.

Guru SSR India Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Call Us: +91 95958 81236

OFF-20/22 2nd Floor,Sai Plaza,
Sai Chowk,Pimpri,
Pune - 411017, Maharashtra - India
Contact : (020) 2741 5700 - (020) 2741 5800

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