Director's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to Guru SSR India . Here we shall endeavor to ensure resounding success for each and every distributers, god has been good and life has been kind for having bestowed upon me all that I wanted or dreamt of. I feel its my duty to give people a good Health and good Wealth (financial freedom).

I am in this field from over 15 years and now having rich experience in this field, I am well versed with the issues and problems of people who are into Marketing and Distribution. I want to make a happy family of millions of fellow Distributors to grow and reach heights. I am Glad to inform you that we are celebrating the 6 years of Success of our Company.

Built on the strong foundation of trust and commitment, the company is single mindedly dedicated to provide secured income to umpteen families. Coming forth as a major market player, Guru SSR India distributors Pvt. Ltd. aspire to achieve numero uno position. The company is headed by our successful distributors, having high quality dedication for helping other to live a Lavish life. They can easily handle the Marketing and distribution activities as our company deals with 100% Guaranteed Result Oriented Health Products. It has been realized that every person is taking Guru SSR India as a serious career.

Considering all the factors and parameters Guru SSR India is a Leading Marketing and Distribution company which provides a vast variety of products ranging from different categories such as health Products , Education Products , Daily needs and many more to come..

I believe in working for welfare of people and so we are giving opportunity of creating thousands of lucrative and secure incomes for a wide spectrum of Indians and thereby support the Indian economy in a small way. Marketing and Distribution offers a great opportunity for common man to become a selfemployed distributor by eliminating the middlemen and diverse retail processes.”

We help you to provide your family with 100% freedom of time, freedom of money and freedom to live the life as you like. Accordingly the Sales Promotion has been designed keeping a balance with the needs and dreams of any individual who sales Guru SSR India products. Our Distributors are now, visualizing what they wants to achieve in life ,how are they going to achieve it and when does they wants to achieve it.

Thus a unique blend of business opportunity and personality development, which will certainly show the meaning of freedom to each and every Indian along With Good health. I has deeply analyzed the current scenario of marketing and distribution companies in India. I firmly believe that Indian direct sales market has tremendous growth potential. Matrix marketing is an old concept but has scaled new heights with the maturing of services marketing with the emphasis on quality, increased recognition of potential benefits for the customer and distributors, and technological advances.

Guru SSR India Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Call Us: +91 95958 81236

OFF-20/22 2nd Floor,Sai Plaza,
Sai Chowk,Pimpri,
Pune - 411017, Maharashtra - India
Contact : (020) 2741 5700 - (020) 2741 5800

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